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Why You Should Include Detox Drinks In Your Self Care

All of us living on planet earth are exposed to toxins.

Whether we breathe it or eat it, it is inevitable that we may

carry these toxins around in our bodies.

Most of us are super busy and work really hard, right?

I know I can barely get through the day without needing a pick me up in the afternoon so I do not fall asleep at my laptop! Is this you too?

I know I am not the only one out there!  Are you experiencing mental fatigue, more than usual body aches and the dreaded bloating?


You need to feel good to perform good.



Well..there are healthy alternatives to other stimulants we may be indulging in…ones that will improve our mental status, along with other awesome benefits!


What most of us don’t realize, is that the reason we feel sluggish and mentally fatigued, aside from being too busy, is often the result of excess toxins in our bodies.

Some signs of a toxic overload are..

  • mood swings
  • fatigue
  • headaches
  • aches and pains
  • nausea
  • bad breath
  • skin problems
  • brain fog
  • food cravings
  • bloating
  • gas

Does that grab your attention?  It should! I will give you some recipes for some Detox Drinks that can get you started on getting rid of some of those unwanted symptoms.  We will get to those easy to make Detox Drink Recipes in a minute.passion-fruit-daiquiri-906099_1920

When you think of body detox drinks, you might think it requires special ingredients, but it doesn’t.  These are generally items you and I already have at home such as lemons, apple cider vinegar, cucumbers and watermelon.

According to a study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine, the use of clinical detoxification therapies were commonly used by 75% of the Naturopathic Doctors surveyed.

They use them to treat patients with environmental exposures, general cleaning, preventative medicine, gastrointestinal disorders and autoimmune diseases.

The good news for you and me is that unless you have major health concerns or are pregnant, you can detoxify your body without a doctor with Detox Drinks that are easy to make. If in doubt, always contact your Healthcare Provider.


Anybody can benefit from a cleansing.  The body is coming out of what might be called hibernation.  It’s a way to recharge, rejuvenate, and renew.

Linda Page, ND,PhD, Author of the book Detoxification


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If you are still a bit skeptical about Detox Drinks and their effectiveness,

here are Five Major Benefits to sipping these water based concoctions.

  1. It Boosts Energy and Mental Alertness by getting rid of the toxin overload that is weighing you down.  You will feel lighter and refreshed as opposed to living with mood swings, fatigue, and brain fog.  Ingredients like rosemary, mint and lemons, will improve mental alertness.  They restore hydration and rejuvenate the body, as well.
  2. It Removes Toxins From the body and Cleanses the Liver.  Studies have been published on liver function after a 7 day cleanse that showed very favorable results. Refer to the study conducted by Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine for more information.
  3. Reduces Inflammation.  When you cleanse the liver, and give your digestive system a break from digesting heavy meals, you are decreasing swelling within the body.  That is something to get super excited about!  Watermelon, strawberries, ginger, and cucumbers, help to reduce inflammation and ease your digestive system too.  Are you convinced yet? You might want to add these beauties to your diet!
  4. Improves Skin.  Detox Drinks strengthen the metabolic mechanisms in skin, as well as, improve skin appearance.  Less wrinkles anyone! You can aide the benefits of the Detox with the inclusion of an Organic Skin Care Regime , which you can find on Recoop’s website from our affiliate, Essona Organics  , located on our home page.
  5. Aids in Weight Loss.   Detox Drinks boost your metabolism! Holla!  Energy levels up!  Weight down!!  Win win!



I could go on and on about the benefits of Detox Drinks, but the best way is for you to try it out for yourself!  Share with your friends on Facebook and Instagram.  Challenge them to a 2 or 3 Day Body Detox!

They will thank you!

Of coarse exercise and eating healthy should also be part of your  healthcare routine.

Our complimentary downloadable Self Care Guide can help you with that! Another bonus gift are the Natural Detox Water-based Drink Recipes I promised that you can download, print, and use for reference. Click the link below.   Enjoy!  Be Rejuvenated and Restored!