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Top 7 Tips to Get Your Life In Balance

Juggling all the things that you are responsible for can sometimes be a challenging aspect of life, right?  Even though you are quite capable of the many roles that are required of you, be it mother, wife, single parent, employee, entrepreneur, community leader, and others, it takes a fine tuned machine to do it all well.  There is no single formula for attaining a balanced life.  It is a personal decision on how one combines their career, business, family, school, friends, and life into an integrated whole.  The key is to develop creative solutions as you approach the challenges of balancing the responsibilities and the joys of your multiple roles.

Through my own experiences with these different roles and keeping balance in my own life, I have learned that I am really not meant to do it all alone.  Bringing balance to our lives sometimes involves our decisions and what we value vs. what someone else values.  I hope that some of these top seven tips will help you evaluate what can bring balance to your own life so you can enjoy it more.  Each one is equally important.

Asking for help and then actually allowing others to help!  Recruit friends, family, neighbors, schoolmates, work colleagues, etc., and ask for their support.  This can sometimes be a humbling experience, but by being prepared and creating a backup emergency plan, you are not stressed out unnecessarily.  People who care about you, want to help.  If you are someone others can rely on, as well, this should be easy!

Also,determine your own unique standards, and stick with them.  They refer to the behavior you are willing to hold yourself accountable for.  Get rid of the notion of being a perfectionist.  Wean this trait by making some compromises, and figure out the best places to make these adjustments without shortchanging yourself, family, or other areas of your life.  Focusing on your priorities and concentrating your time and energy on your personal and professional goals is the best approach.  Be willing to say no to everything else.

Getting organized is something I need to do everyday and it helps with the prioritizing.  Creating a structured plan each day rather than reaching to whatever comes up will keep things more balanced.  A Life Coach can help you if you have a hard time with organizing your priorities in life.  I hired a Business Coach to help me prioritize my business goals and strategies.  There are also Professional Organizers that can help you.  Organization is a biggie in obtaining balance, so if you need a professional, call one!  If you check out the page on my website called, It Takes A Community, you will see how others have helped me achieve balance in my own personal journey.  Other people have gifts that can help you accomplish yours and bring more sync to your life.

By simplifying your life, by not over committing and over scheduling, you can even have time  to take of yourself.  You can download a free copy of Recoop’s Self Care Plan, to help you in this process.

If you apply these Seven Top Tips to your life, you will be able to actually do the things you enjoy more, and alleviate some of the stress.  Bringing balance to your life can happen.  The more I have applied these principles, it has given me a new sense of freedom that I hope you will discover too.  Stay connected to us at Recoop for ongoing inspiration and support via Facebook and Instagram and by signing up below  for our weekly posts.  Why not share this article with your friends and family.  Everyone needs a little balance in their lives.