Life Story Coaching Program

Your Life Story is your most cherished possession!

It is what makes you unique and one of a kind!


Do you want to finally get your Life Story heard,

so you can begin making

bigger waves in your spheres of influence,

in your business, speaking engagements, testimonies, and

those you want to reach?


Sharing Your Life Story

is truly a life changing experience on so many levels!

It does not have to be hard or stressful to accomplish!

My Life Story Coaching Program will definitely help to get your story out there,

without the “stress factor.”

Sound good?


Isn’t that what you want, but struggle to accomplish, because you have no idea

where to begin?

I help purpose driven women of influence, (that’s you),

that want to give their Life Story a voice,

so that they can have a greater impact in their sphere of influence.

You may be struggling to increase sales and build trust and engagement with your  tribe,

and need help to incorporate your authentic Life Story into your business’

and brand message.

Maybe you have been asked to speak at an upcoming

women’s conference, but have no idea on what to speak about.

Have your Social Media, Blog Posts, Webinars, and Podcasts fallen flat and you need fresh content?

Being authentic is the best way to

promote trust and be remembered.

Your story has the power to impact your influence

in a big way!

It can  make your message sing!!

Your Life Story will be remembered by those you share it with!

Think about how you remember…..

A true story will be remembered the most.

You will never struggle for content again when it comes to speaking or book writing topics.


As the founder of Recoop, I have built my brand message around

my life story , so I know

firsthand how sharing your life story can make

a huge difference in really narrowing down

your target audience, which is what the leading marketing

experts tell you to do!

If you are a business owner or influencer this is really important!


We go way beyond Brand Messaging and Content Creation

with our Life Story Coaching Program!

We provide a protective, nurturing,

nonjudgmental, and confidential space that

not only gives more clarity on

how to incorporate your Life Story into your business,

but it has the power

to unlock and validate

all of your life’s experiences, and

bring YOU tremendous freedom going into the future!

Giving your Life Story, “a voice,” and a chance to be heard!!

How great is that!

Think what a positive impact this will have

on your life and business!

Do you want to….

  • Be remembered  by capturing the attention of your clients
  • Unlocks your voice and builds confidence to share with others
  • Increase your bottom line $$$$
  • Be more relevant in your niche
  • Build trust with your tribe
  • Know your true core values and passions
  • Be validated
  • Write books
  • Know themes from your life for speaking opportunities
  • Become unstuck
  • Be energized psychologically, physically, and spiritually

If you have not had the opportunity to Share Your Life Story, from start to finish,

then there is no time

like now to let your voice be heard!

Your story has the power to impact the lives of many….including yourself!

Whether it be getting your story out through your brand,

a book, or  possibly thru speaking engagements, the applications are endless!

But…. only if you Share It!

Have you thought about how you can incorporate Your Story into your Brand, but

haven’t a clue where to start?  Maybe you have a desire to use the experiences

you have had in your life for speaking engagements, but you are not sure what topics or

subjects would effectively carry your message or passion?

What about that book you want to write? Maybe you struggle on what topics or subjects emulate Your Life Story the best?

Your tribe purchases from knowing you!  That is why sharing your life story with them is so important for your business.

~Ann Cooper

Whether you are just starting your business or have some years under your

belt, being authentic is the most effective way to grow your influence and business.

Stories are what people remember.  Even when they forget names and faces, they rarely forget the story and how it made them feel. Emotional connections such as these are almost impossible when talking on strict business terms.  People relate to stories.

~ Adam Toren,  VIP Contributor,

Sharing and documenting your Life Story, can help you  gain more clarity of your niche(target market).

Giving Your Life Story a voice will help you be more comfortable and authentic

which will ultimately attract customers and clients to your business.

Do you wonder what makes your heart sing? What your true passions are?

Having your Life Story heard can reveal your Core Values

which will reveal what you are truly passionate about.


Here is an example of what one of my clients

shared after a session.

I had the fortunate opportunity to experience first hand Ann’s ability to listen without judgement and provide me a well written summary of our session. Ann’s vision and dedication to support others in life and business is a true reflection of a servant leader.  She encourages, connects, and champions effortlessly.  I know just how big her vision for making a difference is.  What really connected me to Ann is her compassion and heartfelt support.  If you’re looking for authenticity, Ann is the real deal.  Here is a women who is knowledgeable in her field yet humble in her approach..

~Brenda Tsiaousis

Author of  Amazon Best Seller, Courage to Bloom, Speaker,

Business Coach/Strategist

If you are wanting to know more of the benefits of Sharing Your Life Story………….

Let’s look a little further……

  • Emotional Autobiographical can be a truth path to truly owning your story.  Validation.  By sharing with a caring nonjudgmental individual, you can use your own journey as a means to help others on theirs.  Your life matters!  This is a validating experience and may help others down the road.  Put a voice to your heart.
  • Research has shown that sharing your life story has substantial impact on psychological and physical health.
  • It can help you find your voice.  expressing yourself in a safe environment will help you think about what has happened in your life in a way that makes sense.
  • By looking at your life in a chronological way…with a beginning, middle, and end, it helps to see how various events even unpleasant ones have been part of the journey towards the person you have become.  You are resilient!
  • Helps identify key events for future sharing or talking points.
  • Reaffirms your core values.  Telling your story can clarify what is most important to you and serves as a great reminder of those things you hold dear.

This is a perfect opportunity for Your Life Story to be heard!

Lock In Your Session!  See Below For Your Options.

“If you are looking to Share Your Story with someone who has the ability to listen and see

the beauty unveiled in your life as you tell it, someone who can hear the memories, the events, the hurts, even, and then give insightful feedback in the form of a written summary, authors thoughts, and top key subjects and themes,

then you really need to look no further.”


 Life Story Coaching Program

  • Two 60 Minute Sessions With Recoop’s Founder, Ann Cooper:  The Sessions will be held via Skype, Facebook Message video, or Face-time on Iphone.  During this time, Ann will listen to your life story and use prompts from your pre-filled out Guide For Life Story Sharing questionnaire to ensure a chronological time frame.  Ann will do very little talking, mostly listening, as you share the details of your life.  You will feel total acceptance and freedom as you share.  During the session you will be recorded so that Ann can use this when writing the summary.  The recording will be erased once you receive your summary.  Everything you say is completely confidential and your information will never be shared in any way with anyone else.  That’s your job!
  • After the Two Sessions, within one week, you will receive the following:
  • Coaches  Notes:  A typed, up to one page, insightful look into your life as seen by Life Story Coach Ann Cooper.
  • Summary(Chronological) A typed two page version of your life story as told by you and will include important dates and events that your pre-filled Questionnaire contains, plus anything else you shared in the Session.
  • Five-Ten  Key Themes or Subjects Based on Your Story.
  • Ongoing Support would include access to Business Facebook Group with free tips and information

Price for  Life Story Coaching Program is $497.00USD.   A program Of this type is valued in the thousands of dollar range and  this low price will be going up in the future, so get in on this opportunity at this drastically reduced price.

Although this particular Life Story Program will be invaluable to you on so many levels, I realize that there may be some of you that want to invest even further into Your Life Story, so we can customize additional coaching sessions as needed. Additional sessions for as little as $150.00USD!

Do you want to have a greater impact

in your sphere of influence or up level your brand message

so your tribe

will remember you?

First, check out some important details below….

Additional Details/What to Expect

Once you sign up and pay for the program, you will be directed to a page where you will schedule the Date and Time for the Session at the date and times that are available. ( Wide variety of times that should suit your schedule)
If you cannot find a time that is suitable, you can email me or DM me to work out a time. Once you lock in your time, you can only reschedule with a one week notice via email. This is because the time has been allotted to you already and could disrupt the chance of others signing up in your allotted time slot.

Once I have your payment and email address, I will email you a Guide to Life Story Sharing questionnaire to obtain some of the details of your life.  This helps during the session as prompts and when typing up the summary.  It also serves to jog your memory of significant life events.  It also eliminates the need to nail down significant dates during the session which we want to keep as clutter free as possible.  You will need to email the questions back to me at least three days before the session.

About Refunds/Cancellations:  Recoop will work with you on rescheduling your appointment if something unforeseen comes up and you are unable to make the scheduled Date and Time, but for normal circumstances, a one week notice would be appreciated.  If you decide to cancel your session after payment is made, a refund will be given minus administrative costs of $100 USD.  Refund will be given only if Program Participant emails Recoop one week prior to their scheduled session time, and it may take up to one month for refund to process minus admin fee.

When you purchase Recoop’s Life Story Coaching Program you are agreeing to be recorded for the sole purpose of the summary.  Recoop will erase the recording once you have received the summary via email.  You can use the summary however you want.  Once you receive the summary, notes, and subjects, the  Life Story Program will be considered complete. You can still receive ongoing support through my Facebook Business Page or schedule more coaching sessions for additional charge.

Now that you know ALL the details… Let’s Get Your Story Heard!!

You ask, “What do I do now?”  It’s easy…just click the Buy Now Button Below and….

You will be taken to the PayPal Payment option.  (Paypal or Credit Option)  After your payment is made, it will bring you to the scheduling section where you will lock in your session date and time and fill out some important information like your email address, Name, and choice of session via Skype,phone, etc….

Your Life Story Deserves “A voice!”

Here is what another one of Ann’s clients said after receiving the Author’s Notes provided after their personal Life Story Session..

Ann has a gift to tell a story.  I spoke truth of my life and to read her notes touched me so deeply.  I have to read my life story again and again’ as I’ve never read my story before!  May she bless others with her true God given gift.


We are so confident that you will benefit and love the experience of our Life Story Coaching Program

that if you are not  satisfied once it’s completed, we will issue you a Full Refund.

(We must receive a written request via email and then you must answer a

few questions that we will be provide

for consideration.)


See Below for more information on Recoop and

It’s Founder Ann Cooper

Recoops Story and Mission

Recoop came about through a dream of wanting to make a difference in others lives.
Recoop’s mission was founded on the principles of renewal, restoration, refreshing, and recuperation of your soul and life as a whole. We are a business that desires to help others live a happier and less stressful life through our blogs, offerings, and products.
We will only do business with others that hold true to the highest ethical practices when it comes to labor and products.  All of our products are Eco-friendly, as we want to leave the next generations a cleaner and healthier planet to live in.
We love to work with those that support life in all its beautiful forms and who are also concerned about the future of the earth and environment.
We are also a Company who wants to give back. With every purchase, we will be donating money and resources towards ending sex slavery. By partnering with those that are already impacting lives by rescuing and reestablishing those that have been imprisoned by sex slavery, we are determined to make a difference in abolishing this injustice.
Interesting that Recoop was born on September 11, 2015. We had no idea when we added, “Get business license,” to our weekly goals that the actual day we got it happened to fall on this historic day. True Story
.I felt that this company was formed on principles of recouping things that have been lost. Although we cannot bring back the precious lives that were lost that day, we can aim to live our lives to our fullest God given potential, in their honor.

More About Me!

Creator of Life Story Coaching Program

Creator of Switch It Up! TM Breakthrough Coaching Program

Entrepreneur~Author~Nurse~Wife~Mom~God & Ocean Lover

Three years ago, I left my job as a Registered Nurse at a Community College

to pursue my entrepreneurial dream.

I have been a Registered Nurse in many different settings for over thirty three years.

I have been married with all the ups and downs in a relationship for thirty one years.

I have raised three children and have been involved in community and women’s leadership roles.

Through my professional training, life experience, and personal gifting,

I am able to listen and have insight on what women need to move forward

and help them create the positive and fulfilling lifestyle that they are seeking.

I love to help women give “a voice,” to their story.


I currently live in Santa Barbara, California with my husband

and two doggies and happily run my business from home.

I love the outdoors, and take full advantage of the urban beach lifestyle.

My passion and purpose is to serve my family and friends with love and support,

and help others see the beauty that life has to offer.