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Life After The Rain by Ann Cooper



Are you one of those people that love a good rainstorm, or are you one of those who love it only after the rain has stopped?  Personally, I love the rain if I am safely indoors with a cup of something warm in hand and a good book to read!  I also love the smell of rain in the air.  I know that what is coming, is going to bring refreshment to the world around me and make everything look and feel new again.  I do not mind the inconvenience so much, because I am aware that it will accomplish something beautiful in the long run.

Life can be a lot like the comings and goings of a  light or heavy rain.  There are times when the rain is gentle, unassuming, and smooth.  This is when everything in our life is in balance and order and things seem to be going our way, when all of the sudden, it starts to  thunder, and lightening flashes across the sky.  Then the downpour comes and everything becomes dark, overwhelming, and scary.  These are the times when things may not be going our way and we have left our umbrella at home!  I know this has happened to me..many times.

Whether we like it or not, we will experience both of these scenarios as we journey through life, and believe it or not, they are both good!  There are times when we need those gentle rains, when things do not seem as unattainable, the road is paved and life does not require as much effort from us. But, there can also be great gains going through a storm or trial in our life that we cannot see at the time.

We can take some lesson from the eagles, who fly to greater heights during a storm and actually benefit from it.  Of coarse, at the time it may be dangerous and difficult to fly through, but giving up is not an option. It is sometimes through the difficulties of life that we face, where we learn about ourselves the most.

Are you going through a storm in your life right now or a gentle rain? One thing you can hold onto in any circumstance is a knowing that after the heavy rain you will have a completely renewed and different perspective on things.  You will definitely experience peace  and a feeling of newness again. Knowing that this temporary struggle will end can bring us hope and help us to keep going.  If you are going through difficult circumstances, reach out to someone and get support.  Connect with us via Facebook and Instagram for tips and information on leading a happier life and getting through the storms.  You are not alone!