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Welcome to my Blog and Company, Recoop!  Have you ever thought how amazing it would be to recover something that you think you lost?  It could be fleeting youth, the dog days of summer, and lack thereof, easy living, vacations at the beach, a stress free life…Well, you get the idea.  This is what my blogs will endeavor to recover! We will go on this journey together and dare to dream and take hold of many blissful and relaxed times ahead.  I will be offering many free tips on how to recover and enjoy life.

Can we dream together a bit?  Let’s just recoup one thing at a time, shall we?  I’ll tell you one thing; my dreaming involves comfortable clothing, breathing in refreshing ocean air, and sand between my toes!!  So, that’s where this recovery process is going to begin.  Have you guessed where we might be heading yet? Of course!  We are heading to the beach and the salty air by the ocean.    Where else can you get that skip back in your step?  Who’s coming with me?  I thought so. Let’s go!

Since I live fairly close to Santa Barbara, California, that’s where I am heading.  My favorite beach in Santa Barbara, called Butterfly Beach, is located in front of the famed Biltmore Hotel. The scenery is breath taking and a great place to take a long walk and replenish my soul.  Where’s your favorite beach?  Whether it’s five or one thousand miles away by travel doesn’t matter.  Here’s a free tip; Recovery can begin just by thinking about this beautiful place with your eyes closed and taking several deep breaths. A tried and true method of relaxation, taking three deep breaths in a row while dreaming of a serene place has been known to drop the stress level down. Try it.

Feeling better yet?  Recovery and renewal is a process…but one step in the right direction can make a huge difference in your life.  Here’s another freebie.  Write down the name of your favorite beach and start planning a trip to go there!  When you write something down, it makes it more attainable and will give you hope! I am so ready to relax and enjoy a rejuvenating walk at Butterfly Beach! After I get some fresh air, I am heading to Casa Blanca Restaurant on State Street for a delicious Chile Relleno.  Just saying that name helps me relax.  What steps are you going to take today to start your recovery journey?  Recoop’s up and coming Organic Clothing line has released our first Signature Piece:  Our 100% All Organic Cotton Recovery Robe to begin the relaxed vibe we’re going for…..Join me for this discovery process. Sign up below for my free weekly email updates.

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