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Want To Recover Joy? Here’s How!

When you think of recovery, you probably think of hospitals and ten step programs, right?

Although those are both places where recovery often happens, there are many forms of recovery that we all experience at different times in our lives.  Recovering Joy is so vital in living a full life, wouldn’t you agree?


 The word recover actually means to recoup or regain something that has been lost.


This could be health, relationships, emotional well-being, joy, purpose, love, finances, and the list could go on.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could recover some of the things we have lost in our lives?  Of coarse there are things outside  of our control, and those have to be placed into the Divine’s hands,

but we can play an integral role in this process.

Let’s discuss the recovery of joy for now.

I would like to share  a few ways I have experienced the recovery of joy in my life, and I hope it inspires you so you may experience a more joy filled and fuller life.

One issue, that I would like to focus on,

that tries to creep into my life as a result of loss, is discouragement. When I have had disappointments, long waits for certain things to come to pass,

or the inability to physically change my situation, it is super easy for me to fall into being discouraged.

I have to say that it has not always been easy picking myself up when events take place beyond my control, but I am learning that I can really improve my situation by practicing certain behaviors and attitudes.

If you apply some of these yourself when you become discouraged from things you have felt loss from, I can assure you, that you will begin to recover your joy back!

One way that I recover from discouragement is to seek out the opposite by getting my hands on

anything encouraging.

It takes a little bit of effort on our part, but it is possible to be uplifted by just a tiny measure of encouragement.  You have heard of the tiny mustard seed that grows into a huge plant, right?

Well, this is the same principle.  Some great music, a passage from the bible, an old journal entry, etc..

You see, positive messages are all around, we just need some eyes to see them

and ears to hear them!  It takes practice, but you already know what they say about that!

For example, did you know that Palm Trees symbolize victory?  If you happen to see one, meditate on that for awhile…..

It is a little hard to stay discouraged once you begin to see and hear all the positive things that are happening around you.  I have come to realize that there are certain circumstances that may not change in the time frame that I would like,

but I refuse to focus on the negative.

If you struggle in this area, pick up any book by Joel Osteen or Toni Robbins and catch some of their positive vibes!

Some people are just naturally positive, but for most, it is something that we need to practice.

Another way I have learned to recover from a season of discouragement is to take action towards my own self care.

Hey, this is not being selfish!

Alot of people count on you and me, and we cannot be effective in

our multiple roles when we are down in the dumps, can we?

It could be as simple as getting a pedicure or going to a place that inspires me.


Maybe all I really need is a good nap!


Oh my goodness, this should be a no brainer, but taking care of ourselves is usually the last thing on the list. You can also download a free copy of our Self Care Plan Guide to make it easier for you to plan some “me time.” When I have taken the time to take care of myself, I usually have a huge turn around in my discouraged attitude, so there must be something to that!

Recoop has launched it’s first signature product called The Recovery Robe.  

It is made of 100% Organic Cotton.  We believe the recovery process happens every time you put yours on.  There is nothing like that feeling, is there?  Buy one here.

We will also be adding other Eco-friendly Clothing very soon that will make you feel and look great!

Putting something on that makes you feel good and look pretty can totally lift your spirits!

Something easy to do that does not take much effort is to focus on something of beauty in nature or an attribute in someone you admire.

Take a drive down a pretty road, sit on a bench overlooking a meadow or ocean,

watch a child eating an ice cream cone.  It is pretty hard not to feel the recovery process taking place.

You may need to reach out to a trusted friend or counselor if you cannot lift yourself up and that is okay.

Recoop is here to help, as well.

You can drop by our website anytime for refreshment and receive our weekly articles by signing up below, or you can stay connected with us on Facebook or Instagram for a daily dose of inspiration.   You can bring recovery into your life.  It is possible!