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How to Discover And Make Your Dreams a Reality

Do you have dreams in your heart? Have your dreams stayed alive, or do they seem distant and unattainable?

Have you had dreams for your life or business that did not work out,

or maybe you are a little stuck and don’t know where to start….

Do you want some easy steps to take

on how you can discover and walk into your God given dreams?

or dream again?

You will want to read on then, especially if you know there is more for

you than you ever imagined…no pun intended!


I have always been a dreamer myself and have at times wondered if they were just my imagination or wishful thinking!

Let’s begin by defining what type of dreams I am talking about.

Your God given dreams could be a thought or impression,

something that you have seen in your future that you want to do ,

which could be a literal night time dream or in your mind,

a longing in your heart to accomplish something, have a child, or even get married.

I remember dreams as a child wanting to be a performer.  I always loved to sing…, maybe someday I would be famous!


Another childhood dream I had was to be a trapeze artist.

Wow, that seems ridiculous considering I am afraid of heights as an adult!

I am sure you can think of dreams you have had that seem like a distant memory,

or maybe something new has entered your heart and this dream  seems impossible.

Well, I have got some great news for you!

Those dreams were put there by God, plain and simple.

Think about all the brilliant inventors from the past, as well as, all the miracles,

and tremendous feats from those mere humans, from days gone by.

Many of these dreamers have made our lives so much easier now.

What if they decided that their dreams were too big or just vain imaginations to pursue?

Well, I think we all know the answer to that one!



Your God given dreams could be a thought or impression, something that you have seen in your future that you want to do…”

                                                                                                    ~ Ann Cooper



The dream is just the beginning of one wild and exciting journey, and those that go for what seems unattainable in human strength, are choosing the road less traveled, but one that ultimately will be the most fulfilling.

Now do not lose heart if you have found yourself nowhere near those God given dreams…

Maybe you are closer than you think!

Sometimes our dreams must die so that our human stuff goes with it.

Believe me when I say that the dream that gets resurrected

will be more supernatural in nature when it comes to fruition.

The dream often goes through a little dormant stage where it gets nourished and perfected.


We, the dreamer, go through some character building of learning to wait and trust in God, until He reveals the finished product!  You see,  your life is a beautiful reflection of His nature and the dreams you dream are all part of this unveiling to the world!

Are you looking for a formula and easy ride to attain your dreams?

The best formulas that I have searched for and found have been  are in the bible.

Don’t be afraid to read  this God breathed book!  Reading it is an admission of strength, not weakness!

It is filled with wisdom for your success.

One particular verse that has really encouraged me in my understanding of God dreams is this one,

“Take delight in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.”  Here is a key to tapping into God dreams;   to “take delight in the Lord.”Psalm 37,verse 4, NIV Version,

What starts to happen as you practice this, is that your desires start getting aligned with His desires, which is always

the absolute best!

Going back a ways to my earlier childhood dreams….

These were the beginnings of seeing my potential, my God given potential.  I may not have become a trapeze artist, but there are some elements of a trapeze artist in me!



I love to see things from a higher perspective and I have been known to take a few risks!

I still love to sing, and I have sung in front of an audience,

but most of my performances have been for an audience of One.

Sometimes our dreams are redirected and take on a new form.

That is okay!

Maybe the season for that dream is over and God is ready to give you a new one.

So, how do I go for my dreams, you ask, or how do I discover my God given dreams?

Maybe you do not even have any dreams for your future.

I am happy to share a few ways to get this process started.

Things that I have done and still do.

Four years ago, I had a dream to start a business, that I never gave up on and thought about constantly.

When it was time to take action, I took steps.

Little ones at first, and once the momentum started, my faith, with God’s direction and leading, the business eventually took form. Here is something else that I do on a regular basis.

If you do not already do this, I recommend having some conversations with God.


Go somewhere quiet so you can hear in your heart what He says to you. Ask Him directly.  What are Your dreams for me? Would You Make Your desires for me, my desires?

Write down what you see and begin to pray about it.

Believe me, if it is a God dream, you will not be able to forget it.  Then, take one action step towards it and see what begins to open up for you.

Now you may need to get some support for your endeavor, and that is okay too.

The Lord directed me to some wonderful women that helped me attain my God dreams.

Maybe you need to take a course on whatever it is you want to accomplish.

Maybe you just need to meditate on scriptures related to your dream and believe.

Something else that is really important is to surround yourself with others that will stay positive with you on your journey.


 Naysayers are not part of the plan, and will undermine what God is speaking to you regarding your dreams.

Business and Life Coaches,  can often help you

get the ball rolling on seeing your dreams become a reality.  It worked for me once I knew I was meant to start

my business, Recoop.

I have also been mentored my whole life by women and men who have written beautiful books and am so grateful they followed their dream to write their Life Story and lessons learned in book form!

Recoop’s team is also here to encourage you and cheer you on!  Stay connected with us!

We want to see your beautiful God given dreams come to life!

I know I have just scratched the service on this topic of going for and discovering your dreams,

but I hope this article has sparked something in you!.


                                                              Dreams really do come true!


If you haven’t listened to Somewhere Over The Rainbow in a while, I strongly encourage you to do so.

It speaks about really getting to a higher perspective where possibilities are endless and possible.

It also speaks about optimism, which is key to seeing your God given dreams become a reality.

Rainbows speak of God’s promises.

You will truly be inspired!

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I cannot wait to see what dreams will be born in your life!  Happy dreaming!