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How You Can Help People You know Recover Following A Traumatic Event

It seems like every time you turn on the news these days that some traumatic event

flashes before your eyes leaving images and impressions

of helplessness to the viewer. Even harder is when a trauma touches your community or someone you


There are ways you can help others recover from a traumatic event,

even if you do not have a backround in trauma management.  Do you know someone personally

that has just experienced a major trauma such as a natural disaster, accident, or  maybe a

victim of

a violent act?

Most of us want to help the people we know and love, but don’t know how.

We feel awkward on what to say to others that will show we care but we truely want to

help them in the recovery process

after they have experienced a traumatic life


Recently, the community I live in has experienced two devastating

natural disasters that has cost several their lives.

These disasters left behind many who experienced firsthand

a traumatic life event that will take

a huge amount of ongoing support from those they love and know

in order to recover.

Many people have expressed how much they themselves

are traumatized by the events they have seen or heard about

on the news or through friends.

There  are ways you can help people recover  or if you want to know how to reach out

to friends, loved ones, or even strangers following a traumatic event such as a natural disaster.

First, you need to realize that recovery is a process and may play out in a

persons life over a long period of time.

Recovery is also different for each person.  This means that ongoing support and understanding are vital if you really want to help.

Helping others establish a normal routine is a crucia lfirst step to beginning the recovery process.


Practical support could be as simple as taking care of children for a few hours


or even grocery shopping and running errands can help when life becomes suddenly hard and overwhelming.


Encourage those in the recovery process to take time for self care such as

eating healthy,


and time for complete relaxation.


Help others minimize repeated exposure to the trauma

through media coverage that makes a person often relive

the experience over and over.

Instead, track important information for them by using local government websites.


You can provide much needed emotional support without having to know what to say by being a good listener

or just providing the comfort of being there.

Forcing someone to talk about the event before they are ready, is never helpful.


When someone is ready to talk about the trauma they have witness or experienced, it may be helpful

to do the following…..

Reassure them that distress is to be expected after what they have experienced…Validation is key….


Listen more than give advice.

Avoid cliche statements like, “You will be fine,” or “Everything works out for the good.”  Although

this may be true, it is not comforting for someone recovering from a major trauma.


Acknowledge and validate their distress instead with statements like, “It’s really tough to go through something

like this,” or “I am really sorry you have to go through this.”  You can also say things like, “This is such a rough time for you, how are you doing?”


If the person you know, after a long period of time following the

traumatic event

continues to feel sad or numbed,

shut down or distant,

has a lack of energy,

increased irritibility,

or suicidal, and other non coping symptoms,

make sure you help them find or encourage them to seek professional help

from a licensed Medical Provider or Counselor.


You can be a great help to those who are recovering from a traumatic event,

it just takes plenty of love, comfort, and support.

These guidelines are taken from Phoenix Australia Center

For Post Traumatic Mental Health.

If in any doubt about how you can help, reach out to Medical Professionals in your locale.

Our company, Recoop, will be launching an Outreach to those recently affected by the

Mudslides in Montecito, California, by providing several Recoop Recovery Robe Care Packages

that will include

Our 100% Organic Cotton Recovery and Spa Robes and other high end Self Care Essentials.

This is our way of reaching out to our community to help aide in the recovery process.

Your support to those you love during this time in their life

will help them get through a very difficult time.







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Self Care Action Guide


Self Care Action Guide

To lead a well balanced life, it is essential to take care of yourself as a whole person, in each of these areas which  includes Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, Cognitive, and Work.  Most people are surprised by the Work category, but we are talking about every aspect of your life and most of us spend a large portion of our time in a work environment.  Sign up for our Newsletter and our Free Guide on Taking Your Life Back, then Click the Download Here Button for your free downloadable Self Care Action Guide.


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Ten Things You Should Do For A Loved One Who Is In The Hospital

Some things in life are unplanned, especially when it comes to being sick and then hospitalized.

When someone you love is admitted to the hospital, even for a planned surgery,  there are certain things that you can do to make it better

for them. Even if you are not faced with this right now,

it is good to be informed, so you can have the best possible

outcome for your loved one.

Recently, this happened in my family.

A trip to the emergency room with my nineteen year old son, turned into a three week long

hospital stay.

There are things that you can do

for your loved one that will help them while they are in the hospital

in the recovery process.

Having a backround as a Registered Nurse,

I know how hospitals function, so from a professional, as well as, from a caregivers side,

this information will be invaluable to you.

There is a lot going on behind the scenes

that you may not be aware of,

and being somewhat flexible can help keep you and your loved one stay sane.

Although you may not have the same  controls as you do at home, you can still have a say

in the care your loved one receives.  So….my number one tip,

ASK QUESTIONS!  The olden days are gone where Doctors were treated like Gods.

No disrespect needed, but you are paying THEM for a service, and it is your absolute right to
ASK AWAY!  You may or may not get the answers right then that you need,

but most Doctors are willing to give answers.  Even as a trained medical professional,

I never pretend to know it all and need answers as a caregiver.

Knowing the What and Why can be beneficial since you will probably be near your loved one the most during

a hospital stay, and on many occasions, help in the recovery process.  So,


At one point, I knew I would not be around when the Doctor made the daily rounds,

so I left a list of questions.

You can also call them.  Nurses are also a great resource, and can usually answer any questions you might have.

Be present and visible.  Yes, around the clock!  clock-1702512_1920

Hospital staff are frequently overloaded,

and your presence really makes a difference.  You act as an advocate to your loved one,

who may be unable to have a say. Be prepared to hear beeping machines!

Hospitals are actually very stimulating and noisy places to be, so

promoting a restful environment can happen more by posting a sign on the door and holding phone calls at intervals.

Take turns with other family members and friends.  At the first possible chance,

bring comforting items from home.  I brought several pillows with our own pillowcases

and some super cozy blankets.  Being in the hospital can be scary and lonely,

and things that are familiar

bring a lot of peace. My son used them the entire stay!

A trip to the gift shop at the hospital produced a soft Teddy Bear the size of a pillow,

and you bet he donned a baseball cap from my sons favorite football team.

He hung out in the hospital room the entire stay!

Okay, I hear ya, my son is nineteen years old, but never underestimate a soft snugly stuffed animal!

Age is not relevant when you are not at the top of your game.girl-797837_1920

Definitely visit the gift shop for that one of a kind gift.  A card, balloon, books, or magazines, and even flowers and plants are available

when a trip to a store is not feasible.




Recoop offers a gorgeous 100% Organic Cotton Recovery Robe that can be ordered online. Perfect in speeding up the recovery process!  These will be perfect for anyone you know experiencing illness, as it promotes recovery and well-being.  Pictured below.

As a side note, if you are far away from someone you love that is in the hospital,

most gift shops will let you purchase items over the phone and deliver to the room.

Although the hospital supplies the basics such as toothbrush, lotion, etc..

your own personal items,

well…there’s nothing like it. Do not forget deodorant!

You might want to add some socks, slippers(non slippery), shorts, loose t-shirts, and robe.

I am sure you have seen the beautiful gowns they give

you in the hospital!?  Not!!

Once the get well cards start rolling in,

tape them to the wall over the hospital bed and in a place visible to

your loved one.

This will ensure that the hospital staff will see

that their patient is an actual person, and someone highly cherished.

It will also remind your loved one that they are, as well!

Most hospital stays are very short, but

even a few days can be monotonous and boring.

Be a motivator to get your loved one in recovery mode as soon as possible!

Once they are able to sit in a chair, and go for a walk,

facilitate it!  Like I said, hospital staff are busy,

so anything you can do is great!  The sooner a person gets moving, the better for their

recovery process.

Something else you can do to help beat the boredom

and give hope for the future,

is start a Vision Board.  Get some magazines of interest and bring scissors, poster board, and glue.


This is a common practice for dreamers and

entrepreneurs, and anyone that wants to be


Great way to promote recovery!  Another tip,

bring in a blank Journal and Daily Devotion or Quote Book.

If they are unable to read or write, you can read something inspirational to them.


One last thing, you have seen the adult coloring books out there, right?

A friend of mine bought me one, and it was filled with

inspirational quotes.  I left it in the room so everyone who came for a visit

could color one and then pin it up

with the cards!

Something else to keep in

mind is taking care of yourself, the caregiver.  The road to recovery is different

for each person, and you will need support and care, as well.untitled-design-20

You and your loved one will get through this in time.  Hang in there,

and reach out to others for support. Stay in touch with us at Recoop.  Join our Facebook

and Instagram community for inspiration and information

you need to live a healthy and happy life.

Family and friends will be happy to help you, as did my family and support network,

when going through this time.  Recoop offers a free downloadable Self Care Guide that can help.





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Why You Should Include Detox Drinks In Your Self Care

All of us living on planet earth are exposed to toxins.

Whether we breathe it or eat it, it is inevitable that we may

carry these toxins around in our bodies.

Most of us are super busy and work really hard, right?

I know I can barely get through the day without needing a pick me up in the afternoon so I do not fall asleep at my laptop! Is this you too?

I know I am not the only one out there!  Are you experiencing mental fatigue, more than usual body aches and the dreaded bloating?


You need to feel good to perform good.



Well..there are healthy alternatives to other stimulants we may be indulging in…ones that will improve our mental status, along with other awesome benefits!


What most of us don’t realize, is that the reason we feel sluggish and mentally fatigued, aside from being too busy, is often the result of excess toxins in our bodies.

Some signs of a toxic overload are..

  • mood swings
  • fatigue
  • headaches
  • aches and pains
  • nausea
  • bad breath
  • skin problems
  • brain fog
  • food cravings
  • bloating
  • gas

Does that grab your attention?  It should! I will give you some recipes for some Detox Drinks that can get you started on getting rid of some of those unwanted symptoms.  We will get to those easy to make Detox Drink Recipes in a minute.passion-fruit-daiquiri-906099_1920

When you think of body detox drinks, you might think it requires special ingredients, but it doesn’t.  These are generally items you and I already have at home such as lemons, apple cider vinegar, cucumbers and watermelon.

According to a study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine, the use of clinical detoxification therapies were commonly used by 75% of the Naturopathic Doctors surveyed.

They use them to treat patients with environmental exposures, general cleaning, preventative medicine, gastrointestinal disorders and autoimmune diseases.

The good news for you and me is that unless you have major health concerns or are pregnant, you can detoxify your body without a doctor with Detox Drinks that are easy to make. If in doubt, always contact your Healthcare Provider.


Anybody can benefit from a cleansing.  The body is coming out of what might be called hibernation.  It’s a way to recharge, rejuvenate, and renew.

Linda Page, ND,PhD, Author of the book Detoxification


Recoop is a company dedicated to giving you information you can put into practice right away,

so your life is just a little bit easier.

We would love for you to connect with us on Facebook or Instagram, so you can get information and quick tips you need to stay happy and healthy.


If you are still a bit skeptical about Detox Drinks and their effectiveness,

here are Five Major Benefits to sipping these water based concoctions.

  1. It Boosts Energy and Mental Alertness by getting rid of the toxin overload that is weighing you down.  You will feel lighter and refreshed as opposed to living with mood swings, fatigue, and brain fog.  Ingredients like rosemary, mint and lemons, will improve mental alertness.  They restore hydration and rejuvenate the body, as well.
  2. It Removes Toxins From the body and Cleanses the Liver.  Studies have been published on liver function after a 7 day cleanse that showed very favorable results. Refer to the study conducted by Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine for more information.
  3. Reduces Inflammation.  When you cleanse the liver, and give your digestive system a break from digesting heavy meals, you are decreasing swelling within the body.  That is something to get super excited about!  Watermelon, strawberries, ginger, and cucumbers, help to reduce inflammation and ease your digestive system too.  Are you convinced yet? You might want to add these beauties to your diet!
  4. Improves Skin.  Detox Drinks strengthen the metabolic mechanisms in skin, as well as, improve skin appearance.  Less wrinkles anyone! You can aide the benefits of the Detox with the inclusion of an Organic Skin Care Regime , which you can find on Recoop’s website from our affiliate, Essona Organics  , located on our home page.
  5. Aids in Weight Loss.   Detox Drinks boost your metabolism! Holla!  Energy levels up!  Weight down!!  Win win!



I could go on and on about the benefits of Detox Drinks, but the best way is for you to try it out for yourself!  Share with your friends on Facebook and Instagram.  Challenge them to a 2 or 3 Day Body Detox!

They will thank you!

Of coarse exercise and eating healthy should also be part of your  healthcare routine.

Our complimentary downloadable Self Care Guide can help you with that! Another bonus gift are the Natural Detox Water-based Drink Recipes I promised that you can download, print, and use for reference. Click the link below.   Enjoy!  Be Rejuvenated and Restored!


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How To Pull Out Of A Downward Spiral And Start Fresh

Have you ever experienced times in your life when you are spiraling in a downward direction?  Maybe you are going through something difficult right now or have experienced a loss of some kind? Maybe you know someone who is struggling with some mild depression and you need some information to pass on to them.

It could be that something  triggered a source of pain  and it has left you dumbstruck and feeling alone in the world?

Well, you are not alone.

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association in America, 6.7% of the U.S. population 18 and over, with the average age being 32.5 years old and women, suffer with a Major Depressive disorder.

In this article, we will be dealing with mild cases of depression and sadness.  I will also be giving information related to more severe forms of depression that I have gathered through research.


I have experienced this same feeling of sadness and overwhelm and  have been fortunate enough to find my way out and you can too.

First of all, it is normal to experience the emotion of sadness and we would be robots if we did not, agree?

There will be times of deep sorrow in our lives that is not a quick fix, especially in the event you lose someone or something of great significance to you.

You will most definitely go through the stages of grief and that will take time or counseling with a professional.

Most feelings of sadness may linger for awhile, but there are action steps that you can take right now that will get that spiral going in the opposite direction and help you to start afresh.


Let’s take a look at some ways that I have had great results in moving forward from a time or season in the funk zone.

I might add here that during these off seasons or days of darkness, I left behind some baggage that was not helping me anymore and grew in other ways that actually improved my life in the long run.

So….. being uncomfortable is not always a bad thing.  It is sometimes during those gloomy and dark days that we learn to truly appreciate and love living even more!



If you give some of these tips a try next time you are feeling blue, you will find yourself humming a happy tune once again!  Are you ready to leave your doldrums behind and get going with living again? A new door is about to open for you..I just know it!


~  Isaiah 43:18 ESV


One of the best things you can do, is to try something NEW.  Some of my favorite verses in the Bible are all about Fresh Starts and New Beginnings.

The beginning of this verse comes from Psalm 96, and says, “Sing to the Lord a new song…”

As a matter of fact, we cannot stay in one perpetual season without needing a change of some kind!

 If we were only created to make changes or start something new once a year like society teaches, we would be in a perpetual downward spiral.

One example that is obvious are the four seasons, right?

So, like this verse says… do something or anything new!  This will ignite a spark in you!  You will go from a crackle to a blaze in no time. Here are a few ideas to get you started on something new even if you cannot even muster a nod right now.

  • Get on Pinterest and find a new recipe to try or a simple diy project.  It will force you to go outside and see life!
  • Learn something new. You can actually stay in your pj’s for this one.
  • Write a poem or song that expresses how you would like to feel.

Along with bringing something new on board in your life,here are a few ways to get out of the blahs that have been caused by self neglect.

This means you have given everything in your cup away and have not refilled the love.

This is a pretty easy fix


I don’t know about you, but the first thing I do is spend time getting my love cup filled by God and journal my prayers, and/or, my desperation.  Last time I found myself bummed out, I went to a beach near my house that was empty and literally cried out to God!  I am pretty sure He heard me, my goodness!  There are several Self Care Ideas on Recoops website for free download to make life easier for you.

 Just click here.> Self Care Plan.  Something else that works absolute wonders for rejuvenating the soul and mind is a warm bath using cleansing Himalayan Salts.  It purifies, relaxes and calms your mind and body.  Create a spa environment by burning a candle and playing some soft music.

Our affiliate, Sowell, located at the bottom of our Home Page offers some Himalayan Salts that are fantastic!  Give them a try.


As much as alone time is great for coming out of a funk, too much alone time could mean you are isolating.

 Isolation can be and usually is your worst enemy.  Reach out to a gal pal or someone you trust. They will be glad you did!  I love my bff’s!  They have gotten me out of some pickles, for sure!



Super good advice!

One last thing I would like to recommend that has helped me immensely in moving forward when I am stuck in Blahsville, is to set some realistic goals that are super duper easy.

 Remember..we are depressed at this point and do not want to go further down to despair, because we have not been able to meet the lofty goals we set.  Those are good for another time!  It could be as simple as,” I will walk the dog around the block and grab a coffee at Happy Cafe tomorrow morning.” Even something like vacuuming or folding a load of laundry can bring a sense of accomplishment and give you a boost.

Remember…..Make small attainable goals for yourself!  We can call these Mini Goals.  One little bit of movement gets the ball rolling….It’s called inertia or momentum.

The reality that at some point you will experience episodes of sadness or depression that leads to that downward spiral is more or less inevitable.  The action steps we discussed were for mild depression or sadness.

 Clinical Depression is no laughing matter and if you or someone you know has any of the symptoms listed below for five or more days over a two week period, most of the day, nearly every day, then I encourage you to seek out a counselor trained in treating depression.  Seek out help!  You are not alone and people care!

The Anxiety and Depression Association in America  can be contacted  for more information.

According to Daniel K. Hall-Flavin, M.D., Clinical Depression as defined by The American Psychiatric Association, are listed as

  • Depressed mood, such as feeling sad, empty or tearful, irritability
  • Significantly reduced interest or feeling no pleasure in all or most activities
  • Significant weight loss when not dieting, weight gain, or decrease or increase in appetite
  • Insomnia or increased desire to sleep
  • Either restlessness or slowed behavior that can be observed by others
  • Fatigue or loss of energy
  • Feelings of worthlessness, or excessive or inappropriate guilt
  • Trouble making decisions, or trouble thinking or concentrating
  • recurrent thoughts of death or suicide, or a suicide attempt

If you have any doubt.. contact your Primary M.D. or local Suicide Helpline.

You can, and deserve to be happy again!

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How to Promote Relaxation When Life Gets Crazy

Doesn’t it seem harder and harder to live a balanced life these days?

There is so much going on 24/7, that it’s a challenge to shut it all off at times, wouldn’t you agree?

To put it plainly……Life can get Crazy and Promoting Relaxation is no easy task!

As tempting as it would be to run away from it all at times, planning time to promoting relaxation into your life is the key if you want to minimize stress, live longer, and be happier at the same time.

According to the American Institute Of Stress, on a recent post, they said that, “44% of Americans feel more stress than they did five years ago.” This is alarming considering the negative effects stress has on our health.

They also stated that, “3 out of 4 Doctor visits are due to stress related ailments.”

None of us are lost causes!  If you are a person who runs on high stress, it may be time to listen to what your body is telling you and try some of these suggestions.


44% of Americans feel more stress than they did five years ago.

                                                                             ~American Institute of Stress

Another study they posted found that, “one out of five people experience extreme stress.” Are you burning the candle at both ends? Do you have a lot of responsibility and demands placed on you?

Are you prone to illness and always exhausted?  If you said, “Yes,” to one or all of these questions…

then read on.

There are many ways to encourage and promote a more relaxed lifestyle, even in a world that places many demands on our shoulders.   I would like to share with you some of the ways to promote a more relaxed lifestyle, so you can prevent those extra trips to the doctor, live longer, and be happier overall.

                    Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax.  Mark Black

One of the ways to living a more relaxed and stress free life begins with a plan.  We plan everything else, why not come up with a plan to spend more time relaxing, right?

You will be more productive in the long run if you take time out to rejuvenate and recharge from time to time.

When you have taken the time to get refreshed, haven’t you had better results with other matters? I know I have.

There are so many ways to promote relaxation, and I am sure you know many of them,

but when was the last time you truly felt relaxed?

I mean ultra chill vibe and no stress zone mentality?

Throughout my life as a mom, nurse, domestic engineer, student, and recently entrepreneur, I have had varying degrees of stress. The good kind that helped me get the job done, and the not so good, which led me down to burnout city and sick alley!

Through personal experience, as well as, professional experience as

a nurse, I know that stress can take its toll on the body if it becomes prolonged.

Not only does stress affect the body, but it can give you a bad quality of life.

I don’t think anyone wants that, right?

This information I share can be very helpful if you apply it!


Stress is the basic cause of 60% of human illness.  

~The American Institute of Stress


First of all, if you are a super busy person, like me, with a full calendar, then you may need to pencil in some time to totally chill out.  I mean mindless time!  That does not mean scrolling through your phone while you sit for a minute!

Some top psychologists and doctors have said how important it is for peeps to spend some time with absolutely no agenda.  Daydream a little!girl-1284186_1920

Something else that helps me untangle and relax is laughter!  If you are fortunate to have some fun loving people around, then awesome sauce!

My husband is pretty good with keeping things light, but sometimes I have to seek out some belly laughs!

Seeing an old or new comedy have been great stress reducers for me,

so planning an activity that brings me joy, and a few giggles, is a great way for me to unwind! 

Laughter also has some amazing health benefits too.

You have heard the famous saying or verse from the bible that laughter is good medicine or good for the soul,

and I believe it is true.  If you want to study more about the medical affects of laughter, just do a quick goggle search.

When my children were younger, it was always super important for me to plan a day,

a few hours, or night out, without the little ones, so I could just breathe for a moment!

Anyways….,invest in a certified babysitter, call a family member or good friend to give you some free hours without worry.


There is more to life than increasing its speed. Gandhi


Feeling comfortable and just doing nothing is sometimes the way to go.  That is why our company, Recoop, is developing a completely organic clothing line with you in mind.

I avoid meltdowns and stress by wearing clothes that are comfortable, pretty, and functional at the same time!  I am not one who likes to spend hours figuring out what to wear, so I try to make the right choices when buying clothes, so I can avoid that  unnecessary stress!



We have just released our signature piece which is a 100% Organic Cotton Robe,

which is great for promoting relaxation, and who doesn’t want that!?

If you want to check it out, click here.  

We also have a free downloadable Self Care Guide, as well as, other information for a stress free lifestyle.

Keep in touch with us through Facebook and Instagram for daily inspiration.

Recreational exercise is another way to promote relaxation.  I love to bike ride on my beach cruiser or take a walk on the beach.  It truly has made a difference when I am in the middle of a super busy season.  It gives me a chance to empty my mind of clutter and noise and rejuvenate.

Vacations are crucial for managing stress. The American Institute of Stress


The term, I am sure you have  heard, “getting away from it all,” is a must if you want to avoid stress related illness and burnout.  If a vacation is not in the budget, or too far away, plan a weekend get away or staycation.

Leave the laptop at home!

Reading for enjoyment is another way to completely decompress.

For me, it cannot be anything I have to think too much about, otherwise it may have the opposite affect on me.

Journaling is a great practice that has helped me to decompress many times.

There are really no rules, just let your imagination soar with the possibilities.

Schedule some time on that calendar or day planner to promote relaxation and unwind and you are well on your way to living longer and being happier overall!



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Top 7 Tips to Get Your Life In Balance

Juggling all the things that you are responsible for can sometimes be a challenging aspect of life, right?  Even though you are quite capable of the many roles that are required of you, be it mother, wife, single parent, employee, entrepreneur, community leader, and others, it takes a fine tuned machine to do it all well.  There is no single formula for attaining a balanced life.  It is a personal decision on how one combines their career, business, family, school, friends, and life into an integrated whole.  The key is to develop creative solutions as you approach the challenges of balancing the responsibilities and the joys of your multiple roles.

Through my own experiences with these different roles and keeping balance in my own life, I have learned that I am really not meant to do it all alone.  Bringing balance to our lives sometimes involves our decisions and what we value vs. what someone else values.  I hope that some of these top seven tips will help you evaluate what can bring balance to your own life so you can enjoy it more.  Each one is equally important.

Asking for help and then actually allowing others to help!  Recruit friends, family, neighbors, schoolmates, work colleagues, etc., and ask for their support.  This can sometimes be a humbling experience, but by being prepared and creating a backup emergency plan, you are not stressed out unnecessarily.  People who care about you, want to help.  If you are someone others can rely on, as well, this should be easy!

Also,determine your own unique standards, and stick with them.  They refer to the behavior you are willing to hold yourself accountable for.  Get rid of the notion of being a perfectionist.  Wean this trait by making some compromises, and figure out the best places to make these adjustments without shortchanging yourself, family, or other areas of your life.  Focusing on your priorities and concentrating your time and energy on your personal and professional goals is the best approach.  Be willing to say no to everything else.

Getting organized is something I need to do everyday and it helps with the prioritizing.  Creating a structured plan each day rather than reaching to whatever comes up will keep things more balanced.  A Life Coach can help you if you have a hard time with organizing your priorities in life.  I hired a Business Coach to help me prioritize my business goals and strategies.  There are also Professional Organizers that can help you.  Organization is a biggie in obtaining balance, so if you need a professional, call one!  If you check out the page on my website called, It Takes A Community, you will see how others have helped me achieve balance in my own personal journey.  Other people have gifts that can help you accomplish yours and bring more sync to your life.

By simplifying your life, by not over committing and over scheduling, you can even have time  to take of yourself.  You can download a free copy of Recoop’s Self Care Plan, to help you in this process.

If you apply these Seven Top Tips to your life, you will be able to actually do the things you enjoy more, and alleviate some of the stress.  Bringing balance to your life can happen.  The more I have applied these principles, it has given me a new sense of freedom that I hope you will discover too.  Stay connected to us at Recoop for ongoing inspiration and support via Facebook and Instagram and by signing up below  for our weekly posts.  Why not share this article with your friends and family.  Everyone needs a little balance in their lives.


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Tips for getting out of your funk

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The best way to combat stress is to take action before it gets out of control.  We have put together a PDF containing some tips for you to help you get out of your funk when stress starts to build.  Click the button above to download your copy.

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Self-care Action Plan

download buttonSelf-care is the most important thing you need to focus on.  If you are not looking after yourself, you will not have the energy needed to look after others.  We have put together an easy to follow action plan to help you on your way to mastering your self-care routine.  Click the button above to download your copy.



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Scriptures to meditate on for stress and anxiety relief

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We have compiled some of our favorite scriptures that can be used for meditation to for stress and anxiety relief.  Click the button above to download your copy.

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