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How to Promote Relaxation When Life Gets Crazy

Doesn’t it seem harder and harder to live a balanced life these days?

There is so much going on 24/7, that it’s a challenge to shut it all off at times, wouldn’t you agree?

To put it plainly……Life can get Crazy and Promoting Relaxation is no easy task!

As tempting as it would be to run away from it all at times, planning time to promoting relaxation into your life is the key if you want to minimize stress, live longer, and be happier at the same time.

According to the American Institute Of Stress, on a recent post, they said that, “44% of Americans feel more stress than they did five years ago.” This is alarming considering the negative effects stress has on our health.

They also stated that, “3 out of 4 Doctor visits are due to stress related ailments.”

None of us are lost causes!  If you are a person who runs on high stress, it may be time to listen to what your body is telling you and try some of these suggestions.


44% of Americans feel more stress than they did five years ago.

                                                                             ~American Institute of Stress

Another study they posted found that, “one out of five people experience extreme stress.” Are you burning the candle at both ends? Do you have a lot of responsibility and demands placed on you?

Are you prone to illness and always exhausted?  If you said, “Yes,” to one or all of these questions…

then read on.

There are many ways to encourage and promote a more relaxed lifestyle, even in a world that places many demands on our shoulders.   I would like to share with you some of the ways to promote a more relaxed lifestyle, so you can prevent those extra trips to the doctor, live longer, and be happier overall.

                    Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax.  Mark Black

One of the ways to living a more relaxed and stress free life begins with a plan.  We plan everything else, why not come up with a plan to spend more time relaxing, right?

You will be more productive in the long run if you take time out to rejuvenate and recharge from time to time.

When you have taken the time to get refreshed, haven’t you had better results with other matters? I know I have.

There are so many ways to promote relaxation, and I am sure you know many of them,

but when was the last time you truly felt relaxed?

I mean ultra chill vibe and no stress zone mentality?

Throughout my life as a mom, nurse, domestic engineer, student, and recently entrepreneur, I have had varying degrees of stress. The good kind that helped me get the job done, and the not so good, which led me down to burnout city and sick alley!

Through personal experience, as well as, professional experience as

a nurse, I know that stress can take its toll on the body if it becomes prolonged.

Not only does stress affect the body, but it can give you a bad quality of life.

I don’t think anyone wants that, right?

This information I share can be very helpful if you apply it!


Stress is the basic cause of 60% of human illness.  

~The American Institute of Stress


First of all, if you are a super busy person, like me, with a full calendar, then you may need to pencil in some time to totally chill out.  I mean mindless time!  That does not mean scrolling through your phone while you sit for a minute!

Some top psychologists and doctors have said how important it is for peeps to spend some time with absolutely no agenda.  Daydream a little!girl-1284186_1920

Something else that helps me untangle and relax is laughter!  If you are fortunate to have some fun loving people around, then awesome sauce!

My husband is pretty good with keeping things light, but sometimes I have to seek out some belly laughs!

Seeing an old or new comedy have been great stress reducers for me,

so planning an activity that brings me joy, and a few giggles, is a great way for me to unwind! 

Laughter also has some amazing health benefits too.

You have heard the famous saying or verse from the bible that laughter is good medicine or good for the soul,

and I believe it is true.  If you want to study more about the medical affects of laughter, just do a quick goggle search.

When my children were younger, it was always super important for me to plan a day,

a few hours, or night out, without the little ones, so I could just breathe for a moment!

Anyways….,invest in a certified babysitter, call a family member or good friend to give you some free hours without worry.


There is more to life than increasing its speed. Gandhi


Feeling comfortable and just doing nothing is sometimes the way to go.  That is why our company, Recoop, is developing a completely organic clothing line with you in mind.

I avoid meltdowns and stress by wearing clothes that are comfortable, pretty, and functional at the same time!  I am not one who likes to spend hours figuring out what to wear, so I try to make the right choices when buying clothes, so I can avoid that  unnecessary stress!



We have just released our signature piece which is a 100% Organic Cotton Robe,

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Recreational exercise is another way to promote relaxation.  I love to bike ride on my beach cruiser or take a walk on the beach.  It truly has made a difference when I am in the middle of a super busy season.  It gives me a chance to empty my mind of clutter and noise and rejuvenate.

Vacations are crucial for managing stress. The American Institute of Stress


The term, I am sure you have  heard, “getting away from it all,” is a must if you want to avoid stress related illness and burnout.  If a vacation is not in the budget, or too far away, plan a weekend get away or staycation.

Leave the laptop at home!

Reading for enjoyment is another way to completely decompress.

For me, it cannot be anything I have to think too much about, otherwise it may have the opposite affect on me.

Journaling is a great practice that has helped me to decompress many times.

There are really no rules, just let your imagination soar with the possibilities.

Schedule some time on that calendar or day planner to promote relaxation and unwind and you are well on your way to living longer and being happier overall!